Recently, my friend, Susan Hyatt, wrote a post about, “stop trying to shrink.” I absolutely love this.

How much of your life have you spent, trying to shrink?

How much of your life have you tried to just be something you aren’t?

How much of your life have you tried to take up less space, tried not to be too much?

It is a never ending battle. And it’s a lie.

A while back, I started asking myself, Who would I be without that thought, whatever THAT was. About everything damn thing in my life.

So I ask you this very specific question….Who would you be without the thought, ” I need to lose weight, I need to shrink my body”?

I have spent way too much of my life, trying to shrink. I have come to believe a scale has virtually no value. I also believe you can easily switch weight out with a thousand different qualifiers….body fat %, foods we eat, exercise, the list goes on and on.

Please, I beg of you, stop placing worth on things, numbers you can quantify. It’s a miserable road. Find movement/exercise that empowers you. Throw your scale away. Be healthy, without being obsessive.

Eat cake and ice cream with your kids. Wear a bikini at the beach, Run in a sports-bra, in public.

Take up too much space.

Stop trying to shrink.

Free yourself from this imaginary cage you have put yourself in.

Be too much, smile too big, and ask yourself, often….who would I be without that thought.



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