My alarm went off at 11:30 pm, after about 3.5 hours of sleep, I rolled myself up and out of bed. I got dressed and walked downstairs to ring in the new decade with my favorite, almost 12 year old.  I gave him a kiss on the forehead, reminded him I loved him, whispered him Happy New Year and told him I was heading out.

It was 12:03 am when I took my first steps on my first adventure of 2020.

January 1, 2020 Workout: Run 20, bike 20……we will call it the 2020.

The winds were 20-25 mph but the rain had stopped, so it was a blessing. And I just happened to have my best adventure sister on the line and we were doing this together, 100 miles apart, but together nonetheless.

We do this kind of thing, run together while far apart, often, but what I love the most about our friendship is that we match each-others crazy. And I believe it is always good to have someone who believes limitations are make believe and crazy is just what people say behind our backs.

2019 was amazing, but I lacked motivation, drive, dedication, and commitment.

It was a weird year for me but I also made the best memories, the kind that will last a lifetime.

Leading into 2020, I knew every ounce of my soul was made for a different story than I had in 2019, but I was going to have to write it. So here I am….writing a different story for 2020, one that sets up a new decade where I become a woman I have not yet met.  The anticipation is killing me, and my excitement is close to level, let’s say….240.

After a hot shower and a sweat free outfit, I sat down at my computer, opened Ultrasignup and hit REGISTER.  As I write this, my coach still does not know my plan, but me going rogue on her will not be a surprise. It’s a damn good thing she likes me, a lot, and never lets on to her frustration, in the way I follow a plan.

With each race I sign up for, with each training cycle, there are lessons waiting for me…

the kind that allow me to meet parts of myself I have yet met. It is part of the enigma of an ultramarathon….

will I find my tap-out point?

will I like who I meet in my darkest moments?

will this be the race that cures me from this ultrarunning bug?

will I walk away proud?

will I learn a new form of failure?

how much disappointment am I willing to risk?

is there another level of resilience and grit I have yet to master?

can my body actually do that?

do I, a simple girl from Idaho, have what it takes to accomplish big audacious goals?

The answers are still to come, but the journey started today. 

This was my first double digit run, since my last triple digit run…in September. And if we are REAL honest, I have not ran more miles than I have fingers on one hand.

So right now, my body is about 35% cursing at me and about 65% pretty damn proud I could pull it off, in the middle of the night, before my kids woke up, and almost before the sun came up on this first day of 2020.

I am thankful everyday that God gave me this running gig to refine and find myself.  It has been a gift that started over 20 years ago, I just wish I knew back then what it would teach me, if I was willing to listen.

So here’s to a new decade and cultivating a different story and finding out what this magnificent body and mind, of mine, can do.

This past August I fell in love with Moab, UT and this October, it will be forever ingrained as part of who I am.

When you toe the line, the finish line in never guaranteed but one thing is for sure, you never arrive at your finish line the same person. A lot can happen in 112 hours, MOAB 240, lets do this.

“If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together” Jenny Yoakum, there is no one in this entire world that I would rather adventure with, we can accomplish so much when we pull on each-others strengths.

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