So, you want to feel great in the body you are in, you want to have self- compassion, and self-acceptance but you find is extremely difficult, frustrating and flat out disheartening at times.

I get it. Me too.

Deciding you are going to show up, do the work and feel really uncomfortable, is all part of the journey to self-acceptance and it is normal.

This isn’t easy, but I promise you it will offer you peace.

I have been doing this work for almost 3 years, daily.

Let me repeat that, DAILY!!!!

I wake up each day and have to remind myself that this journey is hard and that I can keep taking steps forward.

In the moments when I consider doing that next “new” diet, think about hitting the gym after dessert, or contemplate canceling my plans because I have an acne flare up……

Or the moments when I feel all of that pressure from society’s beauty ideals (sickness) and yet I close my browser, unfollow the diet account, remind myself that mindful eating of pleasure foods is healthy, and show up to girls night, even with blemishes, I reinforce that I am making progress. That I am changing the narrative for my own life.

And if I can make progress, so can you, even when we live in a culture that believes “thinness” is the golden egg.

Changing one tiny belief is where it starts. Adding an additional, self- acceptance narrative, to your current belief system is starting.

This is your invitation to simply just start, even if it feels messy and hard and disheartening.

I am with you.



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