Every day, we have the opportunity to curate (most) of what comes into our life.

We get to curate our social media bubble
We get to curate our search bars
We get to curate our conversations
We get to curate our media
We get to curate our we spend our “free time”

We often lose sight that we have so much more power over our environment that we think we do.

Take your power back.

Unfollow, follow, change the conversation, leave the room, change the channel, refuse to go there, stop saying yes to things you want to say no to.

Today, I am offering you an invitation to curate a new environment around how you feel about your body.

My suggestions:

  1. Pick up BARE, by Susan Hyatt, You can get a hard copy or on audio. You won’t regret this. (Did you know I am a BARE Certified Coach???)
  2. Follow a body positive/neutrality female online. Here are a couple options!
    ME! @nicolekwhiting
    Susan Hyatt @susanhyatt
    Renee Engeln @beauty_sick
    Caroline Dooner @thefuckitdiet

You get to curate your life!



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