This week, I was teaching a class for my current BARE program and it was all about our Closet; the clothes we keep in it, what we wear, how it affects us and what to do to curate a closet that makes us feels amazing and energizes our souls.

Here’s the deal, what we put on our bodies, matters.
How we outwardly express our inner selves, matters.
How we are able to move in the clothing we wear, matters.

All of this matters because when we are uncomfortable, constantly fidgeting with our clothes, or in clothes that feel foreign to who we are, it affects how we move and interact with people throughout the day. I believe clothing creates energy with our soul when we place it on our bodies.

Your clothing can energize you or it can deflate you.

If you don’t believe me, think back to a time when you tried on 20 outfits before you allowed yourself to rush out the door…how did you feel in the moment when you tried on your 10th shirt, and it STILL didn’t feel right?


How do you feel when you were on the 10th pair of jeans in the dressing room at your favorite boutique and none of them felt like butter?


How do you feel when you get home from a long day and slip into your favorite “comfy” clothes?


How do you feel put on your brand new tennis shoes, that happen to be your favorite color, and head out for a run?


You get the idea. And you get to decide what to wear!



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