It’s Almost Halloween!!!

I am not sure if you know this about me or not, but I LOVE to dress up. There is a freedom and excitement in playing a character that gives me life! But what I love even more than just dressing up, is running, usually in the forest, IN FULL COSTUME!

I have made this a tradition of mine for the last few years. And I am not planning on stopping anytime soon!

Here are a couple action shots from the last couple years from my annual costume run.

This year, I might dress up a couple times, in a couple outfits, just for funsy!

I am signed up for the Disney Princess Half Marathon in Disney World, in 2020……this race was made for someone like me! Full Costume, 13.1 miles and smiles for days in the Happiest Place on Earth! I plan on being Ariel, and, yes, I will be giving it a test run this Halloween! (I have already dyed my hair Ariel RED!)

What traditions do you have that make you giddy with excitement?

Do you want to join me on my annual Costume Run? Please share your photos and tag me @nicolekwhiting on either FB or IG!

Let’s get weird!



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