I have a super “easy” and fast track to self-exploration.

Simply do these 2 things and sit back and eavesdrop on what comes up.

  1. Throw your scale away.
  2. Remove all food rules from your life, for 24 hours.

Let’s dig into this a bit….SO many of us tie our worth to a number on the scale. We also allow, what the scale says, to dictate what kind of day we are going to have, what our mood will be and how we are going to interact with other humans we come into contact with.

Removing the scale begins the process of acknowledging that we, in fact, cannot control our relationships, our happiness, or our value by controlling the number on the scale. With time, this forces us to look inward to fully accept our inherent worth.

What emotions do you feel when you no longer have this as a self-value scale? Take some time to explore other ways to evaluate your worth.

Food Rules. Here’s the deal about Food Rules (aka….The Diet) Once we take them away, we are only left with the emotions we were trying to control by having them. WHOA. This one will be difficult.

When you take away the rules, you take away the thing you can control and what you have been trying to control (or avoid) is your emotions.

What would feel nourishing to eat?

What emotions are you buffering and avoiding? How does this feel in your body?

These two simple acts are in fact, extremely challenging….but always worth it.



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