Confidence isn’t necessarily that it will all turn out the way you want it to…..but more that you had the courage to show up, rise up, do “the thing” to the best of your ability and give it all you have.

I strive to cultivate that type of confidence, confidence in knowing that I am a person who goes after what she wants despite what the outcome might be.

Ideal and perfect outcomes are not the path to confidence, doing the damn thing is. This is something I help you do when we work together: cultivating the confidence to create more courage and to honor compassion for yourself, within yourself.

Have you been wanting to sign up for that race or go on that adventure? Cultivate confidence to do it! I can help.

Do you want to believe your body can do hard things?

Have you been wanting to sign up for that race or go on that adventure? Your mind might instantly worry about how you’ll look in your running gear, or wonder if you have the grit to actually finish the race.

You can worry AND cultivate confidence that your body can do hard things. I sign up for some of the most challenging races in the US. And every single time, I worry that I won’t have the grit to get through it. But I always do, and you can do.

This pic is from me receiving my second 100-mile buckle (photog: @runnerteri). When I signed up, I wasn’t sure I could complete it. BUT I DID!

Where do you need to cultivate more confidence in your life?



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