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Begins January 2020

Priest Lake Half Marathon

I’m Nicole, entrepreneur and mother of two. I love to work with women with a deep desire to find and embrace their most authentic selves. Through running, holistic health counseling, and life coaching, I take women on a journey to fully address the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of wellness. Mile marker by mile marker, we will shed the excuses and circumstances that weigh you down and expose the most beautiful, authentic, and unapologetic YOU underneath. I believe in a philosophy of relentless progress, one step at a time, until we are rid of what SHOULD and fully present to what IS.

“I never thought that I would be a runner. But that is what running does, it changes us. Running makes us believe we can accomplish things we once thought impossible” – Reist


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In CoeurRunning we address habits, specifically the ones that keep us settling. We recognize those habits, we change those habits and then we raise our standards, because we are worth it. We change our patterns, we lace up, we rise up, and we chase after the life we dream of, unapologetically and methodically.


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“Many times I have found myself on the road or on the trails. Better said, I have found parts of myself, the parts I tried to hide, the parts I stuffed away, the parts I forgot about for one reason or another. Running has transformed me and I have witnessed it transform so many others. Running isn’t about fitness, it is about life. It is about freedom and honesty. It is about me and it is about you. It pulls you in and pushes you away and draws you closer, all at the same time…refining you to who you are meant to be. Running will push your limits of what scares you, what beliefs limit you, what excites you….it is all encompassing. Assess and reassess. Life and honestly. Brutal and beautiful. Running or walking. Forward motion, relentlessly.” xo Nik
Nicole K. Whiting

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