A couple of years ago, I decided to go for it. Chase my dreams, start a new business, get my life coaching certificate, help women, climb mountains, ALL of it.

I realized I only had this life, and I wanted to live it as fully as possible. I wanted to have stories to tell, stories my children could tell their children. I wanted a legacy.

But that also meant that I not only had one life, but I only had one body to do it in, this body.

So I had to ask myself some really BIG, audacious questions and I am going to ask you the same.

What would you do, if you woke up this morning and the body you woke up in, is the only body you will ever have? The shape, the size, the cellulite, the pigment, the stretch marks, the moles? This is it.

Would you decide to live your life differently?

What changes would you make?

Who would you be?

These questions, when answered honestly, feel like a Revolutionary Act.

And with most revolutions, it will also set you free!



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