11Nicole Whiting



Nicole Whiting is a Master Life Coach and Doctoral Student in Somatic Psychology specializing in human relationships, human potential, and human healing. To Nicole, coaching is a commitment to see and be seen, and to do life with each other in vulnerability.

Her work is grounded in patience, compassion, vulnerability, and care—and while she’s a seasoned professional, it’s often said she feels more like the wise friend you’ve always hoped for.

Nicole is dedicated to helping her clients decode the language of their bodies and behaviors through the lens of science and story, allowing the door to open into a more deeply satisfying, engaged life — and most importantly — a homecoming to self.


You understand (logically) that in order to make brave, independent choices about the way you want to live your life, you need to take action.

And yet, there can be such intense internal pressure to always get “it” right, taking a step in any direction feels next to impossible.

If you’re ready to make meaningful change, cultivate more satisfying relationships, navigate your business/career, expand your emotional experience, flirt with the edges of your potential, or simply come home to yourself- Nicole has three 1:1 coaching openings, beginning in January 2023.

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