I’m Nicole, entrepreneur and mother of two. I love to work with women with a deep desire to find and embrace their most authentic selves. Through running, holistic health counseling, and life coaching, I take women on a journey to fully address the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of wellness. Mile marker by mile marker, we will shed the excuses and circumstances that weigh you down and expose the most beautiful, authentic, and unapologetic YOU underneath. I believe in a philosophy of relentless progress, one step at a time, until we are rid of what SHOULD and fully present to what IS.


My favorite life-words happen to be serendipity, unapologetic and joy…

I believe serendipity landed you here….we were meant to meet.

I believe your most unapologetic and authentic self is calling you…..can you feel the tug?

I believe you deserve to live a life full of joy…..wild, beautiful and contagious joy.

Achieving healing, wellness, and contagious joy isn’t a cake walk, but I can tell you it is both rewarding

and unbelievably worth it.

News Flash!…whether you are wanting to release limiting thoughts, crowd-in healthy habits and crowd-out unhealthy ones, unpack the places in your life where you feel “stuck”, crush the goals you have been always dreaming of, start your own business, change your mindset about your body and begin honoring it for being unbelievable capable, create better communication within your meaningful relationships and/or stop the people-pleasing cycle…..I am here to co-create a space, with you, where all of this possible. That’s right! You have me, to guide, to support, to encourage, to empower, and to walk(or run!) right beside (and with) you…..you, my precious friend, are not alone in this.

Girl, take a deep breath, the big, belly-breath kind, because your journey is just beginning….

I can’t do the work for you, but I am committed to your success.

Together, we got this. You just have to say, YES!


You + me = Unstoppable

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