Nicole Whiting is a Master Life Coach and Doctoral Student in Somatic Psychology specializing in human relationships, human potential, and human healing. To Nicole, coaching is a commitment to see and be seen, and to do life with each other in vulnerability.

Her work is grounded in patience, compassion, vulnerability, and care—and while she’s a seasoned professional, it’s often said she feels more like the wise friend you’ve always hoped for.

Nicole is dedicated to helping her clients decode the language of their bodies and behaviors through the lens of science and story, allowing the door to open into a more deeply satisfying, engaged life — and most importantly — a homecoming to self.


You understand (logically) that in order to make brave, independent choices about the way you want to live your life, you need to take action.

And yet, there can be such intense internal pressure to always get “it” right, taking a step in any direction feels next to impossible.

If you’re ready to make meaningful change, cultivate more satisfying relationships, navigate your business/career, expand your emotional experience, flirt with the edges of your potential, or simply come home to yourself- Nicole has two 1:1 coaching openings, beginning in Fall of 2023.

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Nicole Whiting Coaching

I have trained women to run/walk/hike all sorts of distances over the years but most importantly for the benefits that movement has on our mind, body and spirit. 

There has always been one challenge that almost every single client of mine has struggled with.....negotiation. We negotiate with ourselves all the freaking time in regards to all sorts of things in our lives : the life admin we have to do, the movement that is on our plan, and even the things we genuinely WANT to do. 

When I start a training cycle or new movement routine with my clients, the first thing I have them do is to pick a location/landmark that is 3 minute walk away from their house. This is their spot. On the days they don't want to move, they just have to move to that 3 minute spot and then they get to make the decision on if they want to keep going or if they want to turn back and head home. No judgment either way. 

So often, when we are negotiating with ourselves, we are trying to overcome our thoughts about "the thing," so making it small enough, such as a 3 minute walk, we often have the ability to not only overcome the currents thoughts, but actually overcome the negotiation process which often gate keeps us from the actual experience, from being in our bodies and from moving forward.

In essence, the 3 minute spot makes "the thing" small enough that the negotiation no longer has space left to breathe and we can often then take one small step forward.

This morning, I had all sorts of negotiation happening as I prepared for a run/hike on the mountain. My 3 minute spot is the trailhead in my "backyard." Once I got there, took a deep breath of mountain air, my body was fully on board and I enjoyed a beautiful, sunny 5 mile run.

Pay attention to the things you negotiate with yourself about and also when it happens the most. 

You can make a metaphorical "3 minute spot" for just about any task....get creative and keep making it smaller until you can take one small, negotiation free step forward. 


Growth can be nuanced. 

Sometimes it looks like just one more option, one more choice, one more possibility, at any given moment. 

And one more available choice has the possibility to alter your whole life.
For me, the first day of school represents the initiation of structure, intention and personal expansion. 

Much like many of us love the rituals of the new year, I hold the rituals of the school year, near and dear to my heart and maybe even more so than the New Year. 

Rituals allows us to define, for ourselves, what is sacred to us. 

2024 is a big year for me, for many reasons, but it also feels like a year of redemption, reclaiming and expanding into a new version of me. This process is starting for me, today.

If you are new to me, you may not know that I am an endurance athlete and have been since 2016 when I completed my very first Ironman. My triathlon days quickly shifted to ultramarathons and they have been a huge part of who I am. Almost 3 years ago, I set out with a goal to run the Triple Crown of 200's. This is 3, 200 mile races in a period of a handful of months. 

Unfortunately, I landed myself injured and was unable to toe the line for these races. 

The past couple years have been a process of what has felt like crawling out of a sink hole but I think my body, mind and spirit is ready to turn back towards this goal. 

For the past few months I have tried to navigate if this dream was still alive in my heart, still a dream of THIS version of me. What I do know is that I have not been able to set it down and feel content. 

So this is me, committing to the process of becoming a new version of me through goals and dreams and repetition. I have no idea how this will turn out, but I do know it will allow me to rebuild my trust and confidence in myself and turn towards the fears and discomforts life so generously hands outs. 

Answering this call-to-adventure will require an adventure mindset where predictably does not exist and uncertainty is guaranteed. And both of these truths will become the foundation of my expansive growth. 

Do you have a call-to-adventure, a desire, or a dream that you have been trying to set down, but it relentlessly continues to whisper to your heart? 

Please share - I would love to know what it is and cheer you on in taking your next brave step forward.

What are you waiting for? 

Asking with so much love 💜
You were only supposed to climb. 

One brave step at a time. 

Keep climbing. 
Keep healing. 
Keep becoming.

Take as much time as you need, slow down if you need to, just keep taking the next step.

The summit and your potential are waiting for you. 

The present moment always offers us an opportunity to hold space. When we learn how to listen to witness and not listen to respond, we learn the art and value of holding space and being fully present.

After you listen and really hear what the person across from you is sharing, there is a huge value in asking, 

"What do you need from me right now? Do you need me to keep listening or do you want my help in navigating this? 
I can do either, what feels the most supportive?"

Then, let them answer and honor their wish.

There is a great gift in someone choosing to share their internal world with you, especially in hard moments and equally the moments of immense joy.

Intimacy and trust is built in the moments we are willing to both see and be seen in return. 

Try asking this series of questions the next time you sit with a friend or a partner.

**This also assumes you are resourced enough to be a support system to another, and this is not always the case.